Science Fiction Columnist, 2012 – Present

Spearheaded by renowned author Chuck Palahnuik,  LitReactor is a destination for writers to improve their craft; a haven for readers to geek out about books; and a platform for aspiring authors to kickstart their writing goals. I write about Science Fiction and film for the site.

10 Science Fiction Books That I Love (And You Will At Least Like A Lot) An impeccably curated literary list.

Book Vs. Film: John Carter Can Edgar Rice Burroughs’ hundred-year-old classic stand up to a new 3D adaptation from the director of WALL-E? Does a white-ape poop in the mantalia groves?

Guess The Plot, Episode I: “May Contain Runts” Can you come up with a narrative for these classic Science Fiction books, using only their insane covers? Come for the monkeys, stay for the polyamory.

Interdimensional Hit Parade There are good songs, there are great songs, and then there are songs that reference Kurt Vonnegut.

Bangs, Whimpers, and Apes: The Top 10 World-Ending Events In Science Fiction Armageddon time!

Not Even Close: The Predictions Of Ron Goulart’s “Hawkshaw”  Did a comic novel from 1972 accurately predict what the world of 2002 would look like? No, no it did not.

Guess The Plot, Episode II: “Plumb Away” Can you come up with a narrative for this classic Science Fiction book, using only its insane cover? With special guest, Timothy Dalton!

Gear Up! The Top 10 Technologies In Science Fiction From superintelligent spaceships to existential spray cans.

Guess The Plot, Episode III: “Jacked And Pumped” Can you come up with a narrative for this classic Science Fiction book, using only its insane cover? BYO quad grease.

The Prometheus Effect A look at some of the Science Fiction classics that inspired Ridley Scott’s controversial film.

A ‘Bot Bestiary: The Robotic Tradition In Science Fiction An examination of robots, androids, cyborgs, and mechs of every stripe.

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