Sundance Film Festival

For the 2012 Sundance Film Festival, I produced five highlight reels of our incredible lineup of panels and discussions.

Cinema Cafe with Tim Heidecker, Eric Wareheim, Mads Brügger, Rick Alverson and Mike Plante.

Cinema Cafe with Ice-T, Stacey Peralta, and Glen Friedman

“Wide World Of Wit” with David Zellner, Lauren Ann Miller, Mike Birbiglia, and Mark Duplass, hosted by me.

Cinema Cafe with Margaret Atwood, Senator Barbara Boxer, Mark Kitchell, and Drew Weston.

“Control Factor” with Dr. Helen Fisher, Dr. Angela Belcher, Tracy Day, Jake Schreier, Dr. Robert Full, Gwyn Lurie, Alex Rivera, and Doron Weber.

Catalog Capsules:

2012 Sundance Film Festival



2010 Sundance FIlm Festival


In addition, here are some of the things I’ve written for the Sundance site:

Stories of Change Impact Lab Unites Filmmakers, Social Entrepreneurs, and Designers

The Kimball Art Center 2.0

The 2012 Sundance Film Festival’s Perfectly Strange Shorts Program

My Muppet Morning

Coming Of Age, With Monkeys And Bud Cort

Cinema Cafe Opens With A Big, Bloody Bang

My So-Called Death (Saving Indie Distribution)

Manifestos Of Outrage

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